Ultrafabrics new colours 2021


February 05, 2021
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Architectural Materials, Product Design
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Ultrafabrics, the world’s leading animal-free fabric manufacturer, introduces a bold new range of colours in its Volar Bio range. A go-to performance fabric for global brands such as Herman Miller, Jaguar Land Rover, Airstream, Gulfstream and United Airlines, Ultrafabrics continues to show its commitment to building a more sustainable future.

These six new colours include rich neutrals inspired by the earth’s surface, and complex shades that signify organic dye sources. The new colours are: Indigotin, Matcha, Spinach, Porcini, Pitch Black and Café Noir.









Pitch Black


Café Noir


Committed to reducing dependency on finite resources, Ultrafabrics has incorporated renewable plant-based materials into the multiple layers of unique product construction. A first of its kind, the collection includes corn by-product and wood pulp materials to create a 29% biobased leather alternative that is suitable for upholstery, vertical surfaces and fashion. The biobased construction is certified by the BioPreferred® program which is managed by the US U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA and is designed to provide useful information to consumers about the bio-based content of a product).

The natural-feeling surface, crafted in Japan, means it can be used to upholster anything from residential furniture to commercial-bases surfaces in offices, hospitality, retail or healthcare. All Ultrafabrics products can withstand serious, frequent cleaning to C.D.C standards and are sought-after solutions where post-Covid hygiene is a priority. This fabric can also withstand bleach without losing its colour or altering its appearance. The fabrics are also suitable for use for vegan interiors.



Styling: Despina Curtis

Photography: Oli Douglas


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