Alexander Lervik, designer, Aritco lifts
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Lockdown Landscape from Stockholm

May 11, 2020
Alexander Lervik, Designer, Aritco Lifts
What they do:
Product Design
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Creative Collaboration, Marketing

Q: How are you finding lockdown? Who are you locked down with?

A: Stockholm is still open so we don’t have the same lockdown as the rest of Europe. I go to my studio a couple of days a week, but work more from home than before. My oldest son hangs out with me because his school is closed so he has all his lessons online. The younger kids are still at school.


Q: What are you reading / watching and working on?

A: I’m reading a book about the life of Great Garbo, watching tons of TV series, and working on various furniture and lighting projects. One of them is the result of Corona – the furniture producers contacted me when they realised there was a need for a new kind of product.


Q: How do you think the design sector will pivot post-covid? Has anything good come from it, do you think?

A: I believe that a lot of good things will come from it in the end. Hopefully the industry will slow down a bit and take more responsibility for the future.  I think that all over the world the home will become more important as people are spending much more time at home.


Q: If you could travel anywhere today, where would it be and why?

A: I would go to our apartment in Italy. We should have been there at beginning of March and over Easter, and I’ve just realised that we probably won’t get to go there at all this summer.


Q: What’s the first thing you are going to do when lockdown ends?

A: Travel, travel and travel – it’s my biggest source of inspiration!