Design To Shape Light for Maggie’s

October 08, 2018

Design To Shape Light has been a particularly satisfying project for the Friends & Co team.  Our client, Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen, asked us to conceive an exhibition that could benefit a chosen charity, Maggie’s. We drafted in another client, lighting designer Paul Nulty, and together we asked architects and other creatives to explore light through photography.  The brief was to present images based on the concept of ‘Design to Shape Light’, reflecting Louis Poulsen’s overarching philosophy.  The images submitted exceeded our expectations.  Photographs such as ‘Night-time at Sopot’ by design journalist and photographer Barbara Chandler (Instagram: @sunnygran) provide an intimate insight into a perfect moment that we all can relate to.  That moment where light and the people we love seem to be intrinsically and magically entwined.

Barbara says, “I had been photographing in various places in Poland for a few years, and had gone back to Sopot, a Polish resort on the Baltic, as I remembered its long sandy beaches, and wooden pier. I stayed by myself for a couple of nights in a run-down hotel which had been very grand in the 1930s. I went out in the early evening to try my luck.  I saw this family, and the moonlit sea, and took a chance. In those days, of course, you never knew what you had got until the film was developed. It has become one of my favourite pictures ever. I think it must have been a trick of exposure that makes it so black and dramatic, as I do not remember it being so pitch dark…but that’s photography for you – recording exactly what was there, yet possibly what wasn’t.”

The response from contributors has been overwhelmingly positive.  A lot of people in this industry have a lot of time for the players involved, especially Maggie’s. Not only are two of the images of Maggie’s buildings, but all the proceeds generated from the sale of the framed photographs go directly to the charity.  And Paul Nulty has brought his usual unstoppable energy and enthusiasm to the project.

We hope you have time to visit the Carl Hansen & Son showroom in Clerkenwell between 10th – 26th October to view the photographs in the flesh.  Bid for your favourites here before 26th October.