Ultrafabrics launches new mindfulness colour palette

A Colour Palette To Elicit Mindfulness

April 20, 2020
What they do:
Product Design
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Marketing, Public Relations

In these stressful and uncertain times, animal-free fabric specialist Ultrafabrics has teamed up with New York-based colour expert Kimberle Frost to create a colour palette designed to elicit a sense of mindfulness and calm.

Mindfulness Colour Palette


The nine colours from across the Ultrafabrics collection range from biophilic-inspired ‘Eucalyptus’ to soothing, sun-drenched, earthy ‘Monarch’.  Frost has carefully selected colours from across the extensive Ultrafabrics product range that specifically promote a sense of calm and wellness.

Frost researches market colour trends, couture fashion, global socio-economic trends and fuses this with her own personal observations especially while traveling to create a colour palette.


New York-based colour expert Kimberle Frost


“For this mindfulness palette,” Frost explains, “I put together soft analogous colours, which are serene, harmonious, and often found combined in nature. I selected combinations of complementary colours that are also visually pleasing to the eye.”

Frost emphasises that individual colours bring about various emotional responses, and that these colours can elicit potentially positive effects, which may be especially pertinent during these times.


The new mindfulness colour palette from Ultrafabrics


“There clearly is a growing interest in global health and wellness, and biophilic design is increasingly influencing our design choices. Our heightened awareness of sustainability and environmental issues generally means we are more drawn to colours that emotionally touch us, such as greens. Mint is important, as it connects us with nature and is a soft enough hue to incorporate easily into many applications, from residential to healthcare environments. Greens promote self-acceptance, love and emotional wellness, and remind us of spring and renewal.”


Ultrafabrics mindfulness palette