When we brought our client Bocci together with Mallett, one of the oldest and most prestigious antique dealers in the world, for the 2014 London Design Festival, we knew something special would happen.

Mallett’s Dover Street location, the elegant Ely House, built in 1772 and one of the rare London palaces to retain its original features, was filled with dreamlike, bespoke 57 chandeliers by Bocci.

The main attraction was a chandelier three stories long in the dramatic, main stairwell. Each globular glass pendant had a special mirrored coating, reflecting its surroundings and the historical pieces in the space. A tangle of black coaxial cable trailed after the light sources that constantly shifted, from an imposing presence in a room to discrete strands articulating the divergent vectors of individual pendants.

In addition, clusters of Bocci’s celebrated brass 19 series pieces were set throughout Ely House. In texture, material and spirit the Bocci pieces seemed to speak the same aesthetic language as many of Mallet’s remarkable antiques, establishing a kind of kinship. These contemporary pieces appeared in the context of the Mallett space and somehow looked even older than the surrounding antiques, suggesting a kind of pre-history and genealogy of objects.

The lights were on display at Mallett until January 2015. The 38s, replete with air plants, that decorated the outside of Ely House, were particularly spectacular at night.