EOOS for Walter Knoll – celebrating 20 years

September 13, 2017
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Austrian designers Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl founded EOOS in 1995 after studying at the College of Applied Art in Vienna. They “love the strange, the paradoxical and the spontaneous”, and have constantly developed a unique methodology.

Furniture design brand EOOS has worked with Walter Knoll for 20 years

Gernot Bohmann, Martin Bergmann and Harald Gründl from EOOS

In 1997, they met Markus Benz, the new CEO of Walter Knoll. Benz was impressed, and he commissioned them to design the Jason sofa which proved so popular that they have worked together ever since.

“The Jason sofa can be transformed into a day bed with a hidden mechanism, and it looks as good as a sofa as when it is a day bed. We designed it so that anyone transforming it from sofa to daybed will always look elegant – this is a constant in our work,” explains Martin Bergmann. “The thin, curved backrest allows the user to relax. This element allowed us to create a whole family around it – it’s become the most successful family of products Walter Knoll has ever produced.”

The Leadchair designed by EOOS became another best-seller for Walter Knoll and was the result of five years of research and development. The designers and the brand have continued to evolve their successful partnership for many years.

Leadchair EOOS for Walter Knoll

The Leadchair Executive, one of Walter Knoll’s most successful products, was designed by EOOS


To celebrate 20 years of collaboration, EOOS has designed a new collection for Walter Knoll this year which reflects shifts in taste and lifestyle. “The new Tama Living sofa is about asymmetry and symmetry at the same time” says Gernot Bohmann.


Tamara Living sofa for Walter Knoll by EOOS

The Tama Living sofa from the new EOOS collection for Walter Knoll

“The seat elements are divided by service elements, creating big islands that allow users to sit together or ‘together alone’ on their individual island. We used saddle leather for the sliding tray and the integral sidetable/armrest as it’s a strong part of the brand’s DNA – Walter Knoll started out as a leather shop in Stuttgart.

The first piece of saddle leather in the Walter Knoll catalogue was our Cuoio chair. By making some slots and closing them in the middle, the former flat piece became a sculptural three-dimensional object with ergonomic qualities. Then we experimented a lot with this material, because we love its stability and sculptural potential. For the Isanka series the whole shape was generated by only one triangle cut.”


Tama Living sofa with saddle leather detailing

EOOS used saddle leather for the sliding tray and the integral sidetable/armrest as it’s a strong part of the Walter Knoll DNA


The new EOOS collection for Walter Knoll also includes a range of sidetables that experiments with structure and geometry. “We call them mathematical ornaments. For us it is very interesting to observe how much emotional quality comes from rationality,” explains Harald Gründl. “The stone and brass in the Joco and Joco Stone tables give them enormous depth, and the aluminum plate of Oki has slots that represent the structure below.”


Sidetables for EOOS for Walter Knoll

The Joco and Oki side tables in EOOS’ collection experiment with geometry and structure.

A larger version of EOOS’ Tadeo table also makes its debut, adding an element of grandeur to family gatherings and celebrations or work meetings.


Tadeo table from Walter Knoll by EOOS

EOOS has designed a larger version of its Tadeo table for its 2017 Walter Knoll collection

So what’s the secret to a successful 20 year collaboration?  Bohmann explains “We are both looking for authentic objects. Our advantage is that we take the momentum of past projects into the future and never act from a standstill.  Alongside evolution, the bases of our successful partnership is our shared passion, communication and an in-depth understanding of each other – that repeatedly gets us onto new tracks”.